hunter4god7 (hunter4god7) wrote in paganprayer,

Seeking riches

 Please pray that I will be rich to the utmost in every way possible.
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k. u do the same for me and my fam!

Right now my goat is going into early labor. We bought her 3 days ago from the auction and she was said to be HEAVY bred. She's showing all the signs of early labor. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER, her name is Galadale, and doesn't seem to have had a great life before coming here. My friend's goat lost her 2 babies 3 days ago because they were breach. Please Pray that (Insert your higher power here) lets her give birth natually, safely, and as stress-free as possible and that the bab(ies) are healthy no matter the sex (I do hope for a girl though!)

Please pray for my farm and all the animals we have here. My family jokes that everytime we bring an animal home that they "hit the lottery" as we pamper and love and buy any medicine, vitamin or any thing (that we can afford) will make their lives happier, healthier or just simply more enjoyable. I pray we always have the funds and that ability to care for them all and also have the farm make a profit for us and the animals. I'm not asking for riches, just enough for my family to live comfortable and the animals to stay happy and healthy.

My father, grandmother and husband health issues that need resolved. Please pray that they at the very least stay free from pain. I'd love for them to be cured!

At last, Please pray for all those, human or animal, that need help, are neglected, abused, undertrodden, forgotten, lost, in pain... Pray that their needs are fulfilled.

Thank you for all prayers!! My blessings follow you always!