Rebekah1213 (rebekah1213) wrote in paganprayer,

Prayer Request

Reason: Conceive a Baby

My boyfriend had hormones problems growing up and had hyperthyroidism, and was told by three doctors that cannot have kids. However I have seen my kids in my dreams. . . . especially my daughter. I know deep in my soul that I will have his kids.
I had this dream of a baby girl who had bright blonde hair, plump cheeks, and huge teal eyes. . . (I didn't believe in love at first sight until that dream.)

At first I was scared at the idea of having kids and having to settle, but my boyfriend has opened my eyes. . . I don't see it as settling anymore, but creating something of yourself. . . someone unique that can only come out of our own DNA.
I have both Identical and fratneral twins in my family and I would love to have a girl and a boy. My boyfriend really wants create someone(s) special.
We already have names for two girls or two boys and agreed if we had one or one of each we would decide which name they get once they are born.

I have done an A-Z spell for both good and bad qualities. . . but most of all I want my baby or babies to be happy, gigglily, healthy, and smart.
Please Goddess grant me my request.

Blessed be

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