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Urgent Prayer Request

Hi everyone! It's awesome that this community exists. :)

My husband and i were homeless for all of August and half of September; we slept outside and spent the days selling jewelry that I make. It was difficult, of course, especially because we both have a variety of disabling health conditions, but it was relatively tolerable before it started to get really cold at night. Anyway, we've managed to have a room at a residential hotel for a few weeks thanks to the help of friends, but we've been unable to come up with much funding this week and could be losing the roof over our heads (and a lot of our stuff, as we don't have a car) if we can't find a way to pay our weekly rent tomorrow.

This week has been particularly scary and gotten away from us because we've been physically ill and under spiritual attack simultaneously.

We would be incredibly appreciative of  any prayers, positive energy, luck/prosperity/healing mojo, or anything else that anyone may be willing and able to send our way to help us over the next twelve hours. We'll be okay if we can manage to pay next week's rent or find another place to stay for the time being; extra help fending off the spiritual attacks would be an added bonus.

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to send positive energy our way! I look forward to being safer and calmer in the near future, and thus being able to offer prayers/energy to whoever else may need it.

Tags: family, health, housing relocation, prayer, prayer request
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