solidpink (solidpink) wrote in paganprayer,

Confused boyfriend

Please pray for my boyfriend at this time...
He is going trough very hard times in his personal life as well as his work life.
I wish you pray that comfort be brought to him, ease and calm be brought to him, and that his mind be cleared of all negativity and confusions. I ask these prayers to also focus on bringing his mind and heart back to the good and nurturing path ~ releasing him from the dark and harmful path that negativity (evil?) is trying to drag him down again.
He needs comfort brought to his heart, ease brought to his mind, and calm brought to his soul.
He is a good, good man with an even bigger heart...he deserves only the best. I ask that your prayers request he and his soul be brought back to the goodness which he KNOWS he is meant to head toward; that his decisions be sharp, on-target, and confident; and that he may avoid all darkness which negativity (evil) is trying to tempt him toward, yet again.

Comfort, calm, heartfelt, nurturing, caring, loving, and GOODNESS is what he needs from your prayers right now.
I, too, am endlessly praying and sending all of my heartfelt thoughts to God in hopes he be healed in every way possible ~ I am hoping I have not exhausted all of my energies! ~ therefore, I reach out to you...
Thank you, sincerely.

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